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Identity and Access Intelligence:
Operational Insights from Identities, Rights, and Activity

Identity and access intelligence (IAI) is a new category of SaaS application that uses advanced data analytics to mine identity, rights, and activity data for intelligence that is useful not only for IT operations, but also for broader business operations.

Click Here to Download our IAI Service Brief

Until now, operational intelligence in data collected in the identity and access management process has been hidden or ignored, mostly because there was no easy way to mine stores of identity, privileges, and activity for useful insights.

Veriphyr IAI enables enterprises to automate extraction of data from disparate identity, rights, and activity stores; to correlate identity, rights, and user activity; and to provide actionable intelligence to business line managers.

We are a software service that works with the data you already collect. There’s no need to install new hardware, software, or connectors to existing systems and applications.

Download our IAI service brief and learn how our transformative technology can put actionable insights in the hands of your business leaders.

IAI Service Brief

Enterprises that use IAI will reap significant and lasting benefits, including a shorter path to business value and improved ROI from identity and access management (IAM), improved user access compliance, better benchmarking of key performance indicators in IAM, and deeper engagement from business stakeholders outside the IT department.

Click here to download our IAI service brief and put the power of IAI to work for you!

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